Your Sessions

Your appointments will be best suited to one of the following four main treatment options, based on your current needs and state of health and wellness, and the desired outcomes:

The Hellerwork Structural Integration Series
The essence of Hellerwork, the Series is a highly effective and strategic sequence of myofascial bodywork and movement sessions. It is a significant experience designed to substantially elevate your physical well-being and sense-of-self, for long term results and outcomes. See Results.

I have evolved the original Hellerwork sequence of 11 sessions to 12 sessions. This is to more successfully treat the increasing modern-day issues relating to feet and ankles, knees, hips, neck and shoulders.

Appointment frequency is ideally weekly or fortnightly, we will organise and map out the best plan for you. I also provide sessions more frequently for acute and urgent situations.

Through this 12 Series we will work both superficially and deeply into:

  • feet, arches, ankles
  • legs, knees, thighs
  • pelvis, hips, ribcage and all spinal curves
  • breath, chest, abdomen
  • hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, scapulae
  • neck and head
  • face and cranium (including intra-nasal and intra-oral where necessary


Individually Tailored Sessions and Series
In cases of more acute conditions, complex accidents and injuries, particular sports activities and professions, and for pre or post surgery, we usually need to work a little differently to the original Series.
In these cases 
I will design a shorter or in some cases longer Series of Sessions to effectively bring a stronger focus to these issues at hand.

Advanced Structural Integration Sessions and Series
Perfect for people who want to evolve further after their original Series - and for ongoing improvement in sports performance, occupations and specific activities.
Advanced Sessions work well because we have already gotten to know how to best work together, so we can effectively further resolve complex injuries and surgeries or conditions, and significant life challenges and goals.

Followup Sessions
Most people find that followup sessions are key to staying ahead, to keep surfing that edge of ongoing improvement and evolution, to age and mature gracefully, and to maintain our youthful vitality.
Followups can be weeks, months, and even years down the track, we can organise these to suit your individual needs.



Philip_Hurring_Hellerwork_10.jpgWhat Happens in Your Sessions
In your very first session we will review your health and well-being history in detail. We will do musculoskeletal and fascial evaluations of your structural and movement patterning, and then start our hands-on work to begin the process of significant change and improvement. 

About two-thirds of each session will be working with body structure. The remainder will be used to explore movement patterns, pre-testing and re-testing. We will bring a heightened awareness to the areas of the body being worked with, your self-organisation, and how you do life in your body. Most importantly we integrate the changes and improvements so you can assimilate and enjoy them, in readiness for your following sessions.

PHILIP_HURRING_Hellerwork_hamstrings.pngWhat Hellerwork Feels Like
Working with your body structure feels like careful, considered touch. Pressure and movement into your myofascia can vary from very light to very strong, and from very broad to very detailed.

We often find very stuck and restricted areas and we work together at the appropriate level of intensity to suit you and your comfort levels. I have people who can only tolerate very light touch, and i have people who really lean in and engage very strongly - we work together to find what works best for you.

Hellerwork_with_Philip_Hurring_2.jpgHow People Feel After Their Sessions
People generally feel energised and invigorated, and released from stress and tension. There are improved ranges of motion, greater feelings of space and freedom, and lighter movement. There is pain reduction and elimination, better grounding and agility. 

People are equipped with new information and a heightened awareness of their newly evolving body.
There may be some discomfort similar to after intensive exercise, but this will generally dissipate easily as you move through your day.

It's fine to go back to work, or to activites you have planned. If there is any sense of tiredness then do take time to rest. It may be productive to go for a walk just to feel the changes and differences.

There will be new things to experiment with and to practice to further your progress, before we continue to build on the results and outcomes in your next sessions.


Your Bookings
Once confirmed, you will receive an email with some health & wellbeing questions to answer, and all information you will need for your first appointment.

You are welcome to change your appointment times, however please observe the 24hour minimum notice period - full fees apply for late changes, cancellations and missed appointments, to cover time and expenses incurred.

Fees and Payments
Payments are accepted by Online Bank Transfer, to be made on the same day as your appointments.

What to Wear in Your Sessions
Unlike many palliative treatments, we are working to substantially improve your body structure and movement, therefore it is necessary to see clearly in order work effectively with hips, lower and upper back, and breathing in your Sessions, so:

 * Males - it is best to change down to briefs or to bring swimshorts.
Preferably not boxers and not longer or tight fitting shorts that will tend to get in the way

* Females - it is best to change down to standard 2-piece underwear.
Preferably not longer or tight fitting shorts, and preferably not a sports bra with wider straps at the back, which will tend to get in the way

If you have any questions about this please ask. The practice is kept warm in winter months, and a comfortable temperature otherwise.

What to Bring
Importantly if applicable please bring with you any available X-rays, scans and associated diagnostic notes or reports. Ideally we can arrange for you to send these ahead of time.

At some point we may need to look at footwear and orthotics, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and anything that is important in fine-tuning the results and outcomes of your Sessions. 



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