I went to see Philip in the hope that he could help me manage persistent back pain. Not only am I now pain-free, but I have gained so much from the Hellerwork programme. I have learned how to work with my body to improve my posture and to become stronger and more flexible. I understand more clearly how what's going on in my mind affects me physically. As a result, I feel centred, more able to deal with the stress of daily life. I believe anyone would benefit from the unique approach of Hellerwork.

Sophie, advertising manager, London.

After feeling my body deteriorate after several years sitting in front of computers, with only enough exercise to just keep me fit, I knew that I needed to do something about it. Philip helped me reclaim my body in many ways, and gave me the confidence in my body that I needed to pursue other activities. After completing the 11 session course I have great information to help me keep improving. I have been asked a few times whether I thought that it was 'worth it'. To me, the question is absurd. I feel so much better than I used to. Sometimes, tremendous benefits can be felt just half an hour into a session.

Brendon, IT, New Zealand.

After 2 years of various treatments on a broken collarbone with no real success I came to Philip pretty despondent. I started on the 11 session course first and the initial progress was fantastic. I continued on after the programme and still visit Philip occasionally now. For the first time in many years I have no real discomfort in my shoulder and back, which has enabled me to continue playing sports that I really thought I would have to give up. Philip has been great to deal with and good at explaining the process, I would recommend him and the Hellerwork programme to any long term pain sufferers.

Mat, self employed, New Zealand.

I had so much stress build-up from work and I never saw what was coming in terms of ongoing pain, headaches and RSI.  I never knew the Hellerwork Series would be so much fun, such a challenge, and such an eye-opener, thank you.
Sarah, office manager, New Zealand.


When I originally entered into this work I was unsure as to what the outcome would be although I was mindful that some change was needed in my life. During the sessions, I felt a greater sense of 'unfolding' both physically and emotionally as I became attuned to the integration of both my body and mind. The whole experience has been one of the most intense times of my life as I have gradually become more balanced, focussed, and indeed a happier entity. Hellerwork, I believe has allowed me to deal with stress in the most effective manner possible. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who feels they are not using their full potential.

Michele, Lloyds of London.

You helped so much with my back - what you do is awesome - you got me back up and moving again, I didn't think I would get that much recovery.
Melissa, company exec, New Zealand.

Working in a sedentary job and starting with a legacy of minor injuries acquired over several years from a variety of sports, I worked with Philip with the intent of being able to regain the ability to exercise unconstrained by pain, particularly in the back. His work with me has allowed me to achieve this, but also opened my awareness of the inherent connection between physical and emotional posture. The process of learning ways of movement is very worthwhile.

Richard, IT executive, London.

My initial sensation after treatment was amazing. I felt virtually no pain for the first time in months. My new found knowledge has enabled me to build awareness of appropriate breathing and posture into 
my daily practice.

Jacquelin, trombonist, London.

Through Hellerwork I have developed a new sense of awareness, with relaxation as the key. I find it easier to breathe deeply as my body finds its new balance. Philip has a relaxed style which is helpful in drawing out long standing problems which have led to tension in the past.

Sylvia, legal officer, London.

After 18 months on antidepressants and unrelated neck pain and spasmodic headaches I began a course in Hellerwork. My main concern was with the headaches and neck pain which had not been able to be diagnosed by a specialist. About half way through the program both disappeared. Along with this wonderful benefit was a distinct change in my posture, which is ongoing. The increased awareness of mind and body connection has allowed me to stop taking the antidepressants and become more relaxed and freer in day to day living.

Jo, parent, New Zealand.

Overall the sessions led to an increased awareness of what connects to what and subsequent causes and effects. The later sessions focussing on movement have helped me to relearn what helps and hinders my journey towards improved stability and posture. My Osteopath for many years also noticed improvements in my spinal alignment, so highly recommended.

Mark, business development consultant, London.

My body is paralysed from the waist down, and this, along with my innate and developed sensitivities, makes it important to me that those who work with me are finely-tuned operators. There's always more of me available after a session than at the start of one. Whether ironing me out from an overindulgence of computer-work, or helping me navigate a deep mysterious emergence, Philip has been a true support. I'd recommend him as a bodyworker to anyone, whole-heartedly.

Jaihn, artist, London.

My new ways of standing and moving in my work are familiar to me now. At the end of my working day I feel less tired in my feet legs and back, and I don't experience back pain in the mornings when I wake up.

Giacomo, hairstylist, London.

My body feels liberated, open and alive. Philip brings a unique combination of care and skill to an extraordinary system of bodywork.

David Lawson, author of "Principles of Self-Healing", London.

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