Why Hellerwork Works


Hellerwork Structural Integration Works because we actively engage in the wider complexities of what it takes to be a well-functioning human being in modern life.
People experience remarkable changes in body structure, shape, movement, elimination of pain, improvements in sports performance, progression in work and career, evolution in body-mind connections, and many other levels of life. This
brings more thorough and longer-lasting improvement.




Philip_Hurring_Hellerwork_7b.jpgSessions are Dedicated to Your Individual Requirements. Everyone is different. Some of my clients require more core stability, while others really need core release. Some seek relief from life's pressures and challenges, while others seek more energising input and a big wake-up call. 

So, for Remarkable Results we have to bring awareness to the various relationships of body mind and movement, and the wider context of life. Trying to change the physical body by itself isn't going to bring anywhere near the same results or outcomes ...





Making Friends with Gravity. We live 24/7 in the earth's gravitational field. Gravity has a massive effect on how we rise up from the ground and self-organise within it's constant force, right from the time we are born and learn how to move around.
A well aligned body is actually supported by gravity, whereas a misaligned body will be pulled down and compressed, creating unnecessary wear and tear, pain and restriction, affecting all daily and specialised activties.
I work with you to restore and create true balance and dynamic posture, whole body alignment and movement that works WITH gravity.  


Restoring Natural Breathing.
Your breathing is a hugely repetitive coordination of muscle and tissue. Breathing habits built up over years will either have a positive or a destructve influence on body structure, movement, mood and body chemistry, as well as stamina and performance.

I work to correct many different patterns - anxiety driven upper-chest breathing, asthmatic patterns, hyperventilation, reduced breath capacity and collapsed upper body structures.
There is much confusion around what "good breathing" is, and the many breathing "techniques" that may or may not be useful for you. So, we will work together to restore natural and adaptable breathing that works for you.


PHILIP_HURRING_Hellerwork_reducing_pain.pngStrategically Reducing and Eliminating Pain. Whether it be mild, recent, long term or chronic pain, I am always looking far beyond simply relieving symptoms. The issues are often not where the pain is, so I will evaluate then reorganise your moving body structure accordingly with you.
In this way any accidents injuries or surgery are more fully resolved, and we can enable you to stop generating painful symptoms through your own holding patterns and movement habits.

Intelligent Re-organisation of Fascia.
 Fascia is the multi-layered 3-dimensional network of connective tissues that surrounds and supports all muscles, bones, organs, vessels, nerves, throughout the entire body.

Largely overlooked by medicine and most health modalities, fascia is made up of fluid, collagen and elastin. It allows all other body parts to move properly and freely in relation to each other. Fascia forms ligaments and tendons that stabilise and hold us together, and large sheets and wrappings that organise the coordinated transmission of movement and force through the musculature. This Incredible Fascial Network adapts over time by remodelling itself according to how we hold ourselves and move. 

Fascial_Fitness_GmbH_1.jpgFascia is nourished by the movement of an integrated and balanced body structure, staying fluid and elastic where necessary, and strong and rigid in other areas requiring more stability.

But with injuries, stresses and strains from bad posture and breathing, unbalanced movement patterns, repetitive strain, over-excercising or sedentary living, the fascial network will deteriorate as it tries to compensate. It will build more stability and contraction where there should be movement, glueing layers of moving tissues together and robbing musculature of it's ability to activate and release. Pain and stiffness will increase while agility and energy decrease. This is even more pronounced in people post-surgery, where i find the effects on fascia are much deeper and wide-ranging.

Scientific research over decades confirms the importance of the fascial network in movement and stabilisation, force transmission through the body, elastic recoil, generation of sensation through sensory nerve endings, in high performance sports, in healing and repairing and importantly natural immunity - virtually all human functions.


PHILIP_HURRING_Hellerwork_reorganising_structure.pngEffectively Reshaping Body Structure and Movement.
 Your body is not like a building or solid compressional structure. Your bones float within the network of fascia, bearing weight and creating length and span. All other body parts need to be arranged in finely balanced tension around the bones, surrounded and supported by a dynamic fascial network, then moved by a coordination of nervous system activity.
I work with you to create an integrated and agile body free of pain, restoring your fascial network to it's optimal state, bringing structural integrity and longevity.



Humans are Really Good at Creating Habits
especially bad body and movement habits that create compression and restriction, wear and tear, pain and early ageing. 
I'm often working with people in their 20's and 30's who are already experiencing this decline. Left unchecked these people would fall further into discomfort and chronic pain, increasingly affecting physical prowess and agility, with negative outcomes for both body and mind ... and working with people in their 40's and 50's and beyond, these restrictive painful patterns become far more pervasive, affecting all aspects of life, work and activities. 




To come out of this downward-spiral requires an intelligent unwinding and rebalancing of the entire physical body AND a re-evaluation of how you live in it and move. This can be likened to upgrading your hardware in order to install the latest software - we need both to make big improvements. 

I work with you to create so much more than just "good posture". We want significant change in body shape, structural balance, movement and body awareness - to have everything working harmoniously together, like a symphony orchestra or your favourite artists playing in-time and in-tune to make awesome inspiring music. Then we apply that to your daily and specialised activities. 

PHILIP_HURRING_Hellerwork_mindful_body.jpgDeepening Into the Mindful Body. Our life experiences, attitudes, emotions, desires and goals all strongly influence how we live and move in our physical bodies, and how we interact with the world around us.
Negative life experiences, stuff that happens beyond our control, accidents injuries and sugeries plus the nature of our default "inner dialogue" can all be very destructive.
In your sessions we take the opportunity to look deeper into these body-mind connections, to both resolve and clear the way for a renewed positive and inspired way of being.


website_new_2021_nature.001.jpegConnection to Nature. We are incredible intelligent adaptive responsive beings who rely on the natural world around us to survive and thrive. The more we remove and isolate ourselves from nature, we remove the very stimuli that keep us alive and vital.
Our bodies are largely water immersed in a matrix of different tissue structures that require movement, warmth, exertion and rest, in order to function and regenerate optimally.
From our soil and water we get our nutrition and hydration to fuel our moving bodies. Digestion is an orchestration of movement and assimilation and letting go of what we don't need.
We all breathe the air that encircles the globe. Every breath is an opportunity to both energise and to release, requiring a natural and adaptable breathing pattern.
Using our innate intelligence, our body sense, plus our connection to nature we are able to self-organise at a higher level and enjoy a deeper connection with ourselves, our ongoing health, and with the people and the world around us.



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