One of my early clients shows his natural posture before the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series


Significant improvement in his natural posture after the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series

My clients report many of the following general results, and many more specific results - see below: 

  • Discovery of dynamic posture and structural balance
  • Coordinated and integrated whole-body movement
  • Reduction and elimination of painful musculoskeletal symptoms
  • Reduction and elimination of nerve pain 
  • Resolve of chronic long-term pain, discomfort, and stress
  • Reduction and elimination of headaches and migraines
  • Balanced breathing that is adaptable and appropriate for you
  • Enhanced body shape, height, and appearance
  • Intelligent use of your body in all daily and specialised activities
  • Better quality of relaxation and sleep
  • New levels of body-mind awareness, sense of self, and life purpose
  • Effectively moving through issues that have been barriers to personal growth
  • Prevention of unnecessary ageing, joint degeneration, stress, wear and tear


Results in Fitness Training and Sports


Enhanced structural integrity and coordinated movement for any general or specialised sport - Playing or competing in an imbalanced or collapsing body structure is unlikely to bring you high performance, longevity, and long-term excellence.

Training with higher body-awareness, alignment and balance - Training is often intensive and repetitive, so if imbalances are present they will only be driven deeper over time into your musculoskeletal and myofascial structures.

More energy and explosive power - More ability to absorb impact without damage, better stability and more agility.

Prevention of injury and unnecessary wear and tear - Use your body better and have it last longer. I see many people who tell me "i wish i had found you 15 years ago!".

Pre-habilitation - If your body structure and movement patterns are properly organised and free of embedded compensations you will be able to engage in any sport or fitness activity at a higher level.

Effective treatment of more acute situations - I help people get back on the field or back in the game quickly after accidents and injuries and surgeries.

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Results in Occupation, Career and Workplace

cityscape3.jpgkeyboard_1.jpgboard meetingPhilip_Hurring_Hellerwork_standing_desk_2.jpgphysical occuptationsconference_487.jpg

I can help you create, enjoy and maintain a dynamic body structure to help you excel, whether your work is physically demanding or sedentary, intellectual or creative.

Work effectvely with less stress and tension - And less adverse reaction to challenges and pressure. Because pain, fatigue and dissatisfaction doesn't help anyone's creativity or productivity.

Use your body with excellence and ease - Enjoy a heightened sense of awareness, think clearly and be creative with energy and stamina to go the extra mile - without caving in with the stress.

Resolve repetitive strain conditions like RSI and OOS - And better still, prevent them from happening in the first place.

Expensive chairs, supports, and standing desks may help to a point and give you variety - But to last the distance ultimately it's your body itself that needs to be structurally agile and adaptable - not the furniture.

Completing the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series is a unique opportunity for you and your colleagues, to embody all the results of Hellerwork in your personal and professional development, appearance and presentation, and to enjoy a dynamic edge through a healthy and rewarding career path.

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Results in Performance and The Arts

JAMES_Wn__Version_2_1_copy_2.jpgflamenco spainmusiciantrombonist adjusting posturetrombonist playingorchestra_2.jpg

I have travelled with touring performing artists to keep them in peak condition before and after their performances. I love to work with people to enhance expression and agility, to be fully present and active in their body at the highest level.

For dancers and stage performers, you are still athletes and all of the aspects of Hellerwork in fitness training and sports still apply.

Coordinated breathing and optimised body posture for vocalists and wind or brass players, along with finely tuned facial musculature, embouchure, and stamina.

Optimised interface between a musician's body and their instrument - often this is very one-sided and generates very strong compensation patterns that disrupt structural balance. I help players to minimise wear and tear, and to maxiise ability and performance.

Focal Dystonia is an unusual condition that disrupts fine motor control and dexterity, affecting some musicians. Whilst botox is often suggested as a temporary fix, I can help reduce the effects of the dystonia and further improve body structure and movement patterns.

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Better Recovery from Serious Accidents Injuries and Surgery

car crash injuriesaccident_scene4.jpgcervical curves and injuriessports injuriesankle repairsrugby_injuries.jpgspinal injuries.jpg

Many people I see have experienced both minor and major accidents, injuries, surgery and repairs. Even though they are back on their feet and have had some good help, most have not had the opportunity to maximise or enjoy a full recovery at all.

When we experience any kind of impact, damage, or surgical intervention, many levels are affected. Broken bones can mend in different shapes and lengths, tissues remember trauma and hold excessive tension. Metallic plates and screws inside affect our body sense. C-Sections can completely change the relationship of spine and pelvis with the rest of the body. It is easy to tune out of these areas because they hurt, our body compensates, causing imbalances throughout. Life changes - our mind and emotions and nervous system often struggle to make sense of it all.

I work with many complex cases, and we will individually tailor your Sessions to help you maximise your recovery and return to a new normal.

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Teenagers and Young Adults

Modern teens and young adults are constantly challenged growing up in our societies, with study, electronic devices, sporting endeavours, career choices, dreams and expectations as they find their way in the world.

I work with teens and young adults to correct postural imbalances and movement issues - I can help influence body shape, structure and function before the body structure finishes growing in their early 20's. Deepening their understanding of themselves as maturing individuals, and to feel confident in physicality, intellect, emotions and energy, makes a huge difference to their choices and progress into adulthood.

Parents please get in touch if you think your teen or young adult has posture or movement issues or pain, or if they are not maximising their potential in their body. I require that a parent attends the first session, and all subsequent sessions if they wish. These sessions are usually 60minutes instead of 90minutes and a shorter series of individually tailored sessions may well suffice.

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 Joint Replacements and Musculoskeletal and Spinal Conditions

spinal curvesspinal_fusion_2.jpgpectus excavatumknee replacementhip_replaced_384y534.jpgexternal_fixations.jpgschuermanns.jpghand_and_wrist_xray.jpg

  • Scoliosis including surgical corrections
  • Schuermanns Kyphosis
  • Pectus Excavatum including surgical corrections

In these cases i can work with you to make a significant difference to your musculoskeletal structure and movement. Even if the condition and/or the surgical correction still imposes a strong influence, it's better to achieve your maximum agility rather than letting the condition unnecessarily restrict you. Restoring a higher level of self confidence and engagement in life makes a huge difference.

  • Knee and hip replacements
  • Shoulder knee and hip surgical repairs 
  • Spinal surgery and fusions

While these surgeries are becoming increasingly common they have evolved radically in the last decade and results are often fabulous and recovery times faster. However I have worked with many people for whom this is not the case. Often rehabilitation has not been thorough, there may have been complications in recovery, and simply not regaining good structural balance or mobility.

Working post-surgery we can reduce pain and discomfort, and regain optimal whole-body alignment, strength, movement and engagement. It is important to minimise ongoing structural compensations.

Working pre-surgery has also been very effective in organising body structure and tissues that have been under considerable strain and pain for a long time, and preparing the area of the body for the surgery. The impending recovery will then occur with the whole body in far better shape and condition.

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Results In Many Other Specialised Activities


Contact me to find out how you can improve body awareness, ability and longevity in your specialised activities and the things you love to do now, or aspire to be able to do in the future - it is always my pleasure to be able to help.


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