One of my early clients shows his natural posture before the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series


Significant improvement in his natural posture after the Hellerwork Structural Integration Series

Results and Outcomes

Everyone responds differently and my clients experience some or many of the following:

  • Markedly improved posture and body structure
  • Balanced breathing that is adaptable and appropriate for you
  • Coordinated and integrated whole-body movement
  • Reduction and elimination of painful musculoskeletal symptoms
  • Resolve of chronic long-term pain, discomfort, and stress
  • Reduction and elimination of headaches and migraines
  • Enhanced body shape, height, appearance, and confidence
  • Intelligent body use in all daily and specialised activities
  • Better quality of relaxation and sleep
  • New levels of body-mind awareness, sense of self, and life purpose
  • Ability to move through old barriers to personal growth
  • Prevention of unnecessary ageing, joint degeneration, stress, wear and tear


Results in Fitness Training and Sports


Playing or competing in an imbalanced or collapsing body structure is not likely to bring great results. It is more likely to bring discomfort pain and injury, and make it harder to continue as you age.

Both training and play are often intensive and repetitive so if structural and movement restrictions are present, they will only be driven deeper into your musculoskeletal and myofascial structures over time.

The sooner your body structure and movement patterns are properly organised and free of embedded compensations and pain, the better. I see many people who tell me "i wish i had found you 15 years ago".

  • Enhance structural integrity and coordinated movement for any general or specialised sporting activity
  • Train with higher body-awareness, alignment and balance, stability and agility
  • Effectively pre-habilitate to prepare in advance
  • Enjoy more energy, stamina and explosive power
  • Recover better after exertion
  • Better ability to absorb impacts
  • Prevent uneccessary injury and wear and tear
  • Get back on the field or back in the game faster after accidents and injuries
  • Minimise the effects of "one-sided-sports" and the resulting body asymmetries

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Results in Career and Workplace

cityscape3.jpgkeyboard_1.jpgboard meetingPhilip_Hurring_Hellerwork_standing_desk_2.jpgphysical occuptationsconference_487.jpg

Stress, pain, fatigue and dissatisfaction doesn't help anyone's creativity or productivity. I can help you create and enjoy a more dynamic body structure to help you excel, whether your work is mentally challenging, intellectual or creative, physically demanding or sedentary.

Expensive chairs, supports, and standing desks may help to a point and give you variety, but ultimately to last the real distance it's you that needs to be structurally agile and adaptable - not the furniture.

The Hellerwork Structural Integration Series is a unique opportunity for you and your colleagues to embody a dynamic edge in your personal and professional development, in all levels of who you are.

  • Work effectvely without stress tension and pain
  • Less adverse reaction to challenges and pressure, respond better when under the gun
  • Use your body and breathing with excellence and ease
  • Enhance posture, appearance, presentation, and confidence
  • Prevent and/or resolve repetitive strain conditions like RSI or OOS and frozen shoulder
  • Enjoy a heightened sense of calm self-awareness in the context of your work
  • Think clearly and be creative with energy and stamina to go the extra mile


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Results in Performance and The Arts

JAMES_Wn__Version_2_1_copy_2.jpgflamenco spainmusiciantrombonist adjusting posturetrombonist playingorchestra_2.jpg

I have travelled with performing artists on tour to keep them in peak condition before and after their performances, and to be at their very best. 

It is a great challenge and pleasure working with people to be fully present and active in their body, creativity and expression, at the highest possible level. 

  • Artists and performers are still athletes so many aspects of Fitness Training and Sports above still apply
  • Coordinated breathing and optimised body posture and movement, balance and agility
  • Breathing enhancement for vocalists, wind and brass players, improved facial musculature and embouchure
  • Optimised interface between a musician's body and their instrument, which is often very one-sided
  • Minimise wear and tear and maxiise ability and performance.
  • Reduction of Focal Dystonia, an unusual condition disrupting fine motor control affecting some musicians
  • Enable creativity to flow more congruently through body mind and breath

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Better Recovery from Serious Accidents Injuries and Surgery

car crash injuriesaccident_scene4.jpgcervical curves and injuriessports injuriesankle repairsrugby_injuries.jpgspinal injuries.jpg

When we experience any kind of impact, injury or surgical intervention, many levels are affected. Broken bones can mend in different shapes and lengths. Tissues remember trauma and hold excessive tension. Metallic plates and screws inside affect our body sense.

Caesarian Sections can completely change the relationship of spine and pelvis with the rest of the body.

It is easy to tune out of these areas because they hurt and often reflect bad experiences. Our mind and emotions and nervous system often struggle to make sense of it all.

Many people I see have experienced both minor and major accidents, injuries, surgery and repairs. Even though they are alive and back on their feet and have had some good help, most have not had the opportunity to maximise or enjoy a full recovery at all. I work with many complex cases, and we will individually tailor your Sessions to help you maximise your recovery and return to a new normal.

  • Improve ranges of motion, structural and functional balance through affected areas
  • Resolve trauma and patterns of body armouring and protection
  • Mobilise scar tissues and adhesion layers
  • Restore sensation and coordination through affected areas 
  • Minimise long term structural and movement compensations
  • Restore alignment and strength through spine pelvis abdomen following C-Sections
  • Enhance mobility through areas affected by tissue reconstructions
  • Integrate through the whole body and maximise your return to daily life and activities

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Teenagers and Young Adults

Modern teens and young adults are constantly challenged growing up in our fast-changing societies, with study, electronic devices, pressure to perform in sporting endeavours, career choices, dreams and expectations as they find their way in the world.

I work with teens and young adults to help influence and improve body shape, posture and breathing, structure and function before their body structure finishes growing in their early 20's.

  • Deepen their understanding of themselves as maturing individuals
  • Build confidence in their physicality, intellect, emotions and energy
  • Correct postural and movement habits and imbalances before they become embedded in their adult body
  • Be physically and mentally better prepared for competitive sport and activities
  • Help to maximise their wellbeing, choices and progress into adulthood.

Parents please do get in touch if you think your teen or young adult has posture or movement issues or pain, or if they are not somehow maximising their potential in their body. I require that a parent attends the first session, and all subsequent sessions if they wish. These sessions are usually 60minutes instead of 90minutes and a shorter series of individually tailored sessions may well suffice.

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 Joint Replacements

spinal curvesspinal_fusion_2.jpgpectus excavatumknee replacementhip_replaced_384y534.jpgexternal_fixations.jpgschuermanns.jpghand_and_wrist_xray.jpg

Ideally we get to improve your own joints and mobility BEFORE you need them surgically replaced. However if this surgery is inevitable there are ways to improve your experience of it.

Working pre-surgery has been very effective in organising body structure and tissues that have been under considerable strain or in pain for a long time. We are able to organise whole-body structure and improve tissue status, tone and movement around the joints concerned. This potentially improves fluid flow, vascularity, and movement through muscle and fascial layers plus increased movement awareness. The impending surgery and recovery will then occur with the body already in better shape and condition.

Working post-surgery we are able to have a positive influence on both recovery and future mobility. While joint surgeries are becoming increasingly common, they have evolved radically in the last decade and the results are often fabulous, however for some this is not the case. 
After surgery there will be scar tissues and a gradual process of regaining weight-bearing and movement. Full ranges of motion and strength may not be reached. Structural compensations often develop post-surgery, affecting posture, balance, walking gait and movement, strength and coordination. However we can work to improve this experience.

  • Mobilise and re-engage areas affected by scar tissues and adhesions
  • Restore ranges of motion with respect to the new prosthesis
  • Minimise impending assymetries or imbalances in body structure and movement
  • Improve coordination and balance around the affected areas and through the whole body
  • Work effectively to ensure a more thorough recovery and rehabilitation
  • Minimise ongoing structural compensations

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Spinal Conditions

spinal curvesspinal_fusion_2.jpgpectus excavatumknee replacementhip_replaced_384y534.jpgexternal_fixations.jpgschuermanns.jpghand_and_wrist_xray.jpg

There are many spinal conditions that we are either born with, or arise as we grow and mature. I have worked with many and generally we are able to improve mobility, structural balance, reduce pain and restriction. Where surgery has already occured it is often still possible to reduce pain and improve mobiity - this may include fusions, screws and cages or plates, and Harrington rods.

Scoliosis or a lateral curvature is not unusual and if minimal, it often goes undiagnosed. However some people have a very pronounced and visible lateral curve that disrupts structure and movement. This scoliotic spiralling pattern is not just about the spine, it is reflected throughout the ribs, the entire soft tissue container of the lungs and heart, and all surrounding musculature and fascias. The shoulders and pelvis are also affected in how they interface with the scoliotic torso.

  • Minimise scoliosis patterning where possible
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Maximise movement freedom and agility rather than let the condition unnecessarily restrict you
  • Minimise ongoing structural compensations
  • Improve self confidence and engagement in life

Other conditions i have worked with include disc herniation, discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusions and cages, schuermanns kyphosis, pectus excavatum.


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Results In Yoga Pilates Martial Arts 


Often in these activities and movement disciplines, either in classes or in personal practice, the physical body may present inherent structural patterns and restrictions that the discipline itself cannot resolve, making progress difficult and increasing the potential for injury.

I often work with people to overcome significant hurdles so that they can engage more fully in these activities, and further deepen into their practice.

  • Resolve restrictions and limitations in movement 
  • Improve ranges of motion especially through major joints i.e. hips knees ankles shoulders and SI joints
  • Get to better understand your body structure and musculoskeletal formation and it's limitations
  • Improve movement flow and integration
  • Avoid straining and damaging joints and tissues and keep an ongoing healthy practice

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