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Philip_Hurring_Hellerwork_6b.jpgHellerwork Structural Integration is a proven Series of 90-minute sessions that reduce pain and restriction, improve posture and breathing, reshaping and rejuvenating your entire musculoskeletal structure and how you move. 

Hellerwork is an established and refined form of advanced bodywork. It is not just a different kind of massage or myofascial release technique. Hellerwork strategically reorganises the network of Fascia and Connective Tissues that surround and support your muscles, bones, nerves and vessels throughout the entire body structure.
I work with people to reduce pain, to intelligently rebalance the whole body from head to toe and core to surface, enhance body-mind connections, and bring significant and practical results into both daily life experience and many specialised activities.

Hellerwork is about making profound change and long-term results, rather than a short-term "fix" for isolated symptoms. The Hellerwork Series is an enlightening and life-changing experience, and a rewarding investment for people who want a big improvement in their present and future health and wellbeing.

Philip_Hurring_HELLERWORK_Structural_Integration.jpgI started my practice as a Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner in 2001 in the UK. Since then I have worked with many many people young and old, from movers and shakers and people of significant influence, to performers and musicians, athletes and people in very physical professions, highly challenging and stressful corporate and business roles, to mums and dads and young adults. I help all people with the regular aches and pains of life through to very complex conditions and chronic pain resulting from accidents injuries surgeries and life traumas.

My Advanced Structural Integration training enables me to individualise treatments and sequences of sessions for specific conditions, for recovery from serious injuries and surgeries, and for excellence in advanced activities in fitness, sports, career, the arts and stage performance, as well as your daily experience of living in your body. I have also been able to help many people with urgent acute pains and immobility when they need to get back on the playing field or to a professional engagement a.s.a.p.


My Practice is an evolving project. I chose to specialise in Structural Integration back in 1998 because of my experience with so many maintream and alternative treatments that are good but only bring short term gain or don't address the whole person.  And in Hellerwork, the original form of Structural Integration as devised by Dr Ida P. Rolf was further evolved to include more focus on whole-body movement and body-mind connections.
So with firm foundations as a Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, I add my own ongoing study, plus the ongoing development in science and research that helps us understand more about the human body, fascia and connective tissues, musculoskeltal performance and longevity.

It is my great pleasure helping people to evolve and progress to the next level, and to learn what it takes to stay well and agile in our fast-changing world. 
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