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Philip_Hurring_Hellerwork_6b.jpgHellerwork Structural Integration is a proven Series of eleven 90-minute sessions that rejuvenate and reshape your entire moving body structure. 

Hellerwork is not just another kind of massage. Your body is way so much more than muscles and bones. I work one-on-one with people to reorganise their body's network of Fascia and Connective Tissues, to improve not just the spine but the entire moving musculoskeletal structure from head to toe, and from core to surface.

Hellerwork is far more than a short-term fix for isolated symptoms, it's about making profound change for the long term - you really don't have to feel old before your time! 
The Hellerwork Series is an enlightening experience, and a rewarding investment for people looking to significant improvement their present and future health and wellbeing.


I began my practice as a Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner in the UK in 2001, since then I have provided the Hellerwork Series of eleven sessions for many people young and old.
My Advanced Structural Integration training has enabled me to tailor specific treatments and sequences of sessions for particular conditions, for recovery from often serious injuries and surgeries, and to improve specific activities in fitness, sports, career, and stage performance - plus your everyday experience of living in your body.



  • Discover excellent posture, agility  and energy
  • Eliminate chronic pain including back, neck, knees, hips etc
  • Unwind years of stress and tension, RSI and OOS
  • Reduce wear and tear on spine and all joints
  • Refine body shape, appearance and presentation
  • Prepare properly for fitness training and sports
  • Deepen into yoga, pilates, gym, crossfit, and performing arts
  • Be more effective in occupations and career
  • Improve teenage posture and agility in preparation for adulthood
  • Maximise rehabilitation after serious accidents, injuries, surgeries
  • Prevent uneccessary injuries and premature ageing
  • Enjoy new levels of body-mind connections and youthful vitality



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